We, Ceremony is a response to the lack of representation and the negative portrayal of women of color in everyday life. With our collected stories, we celebrate the unique voices within our community, while challenging society to confront the issues rooted in systemic racism.

What we do

With a photo and an interview at a time, we use storytelling to share the unique experiences of women of color. We travel to different cities to connect with as many women of color as possible. Recognizing that our stories are layered, we address various social issues that inform our identities.



Behind We, Ceremony

What started off as a casual conversation, Iliana and Mu realized how much they have in common - from their frustration towards whiteness to the normalcy of gender inequality. Their pride in their cultural individuality led to a celebration of diverse experiences, thus resulting in We, Ceremony.


Growing up as a Salvadoran-American womxn in the Back Bay area of Boston, Iliana understood at a young age that her identity was unique in every sense. "In a society where the Latinx narrative is often disregarded and my culture is used like the latest fashion trend, I wanted to commit my life's work in advocating for equal access and opportunities for my community." Through We, Ceremony, Iliana aims to deconstruct many of the negative images and single stories white men have created for womxn of color. "We need to reclaim what's ours and our time is now."

Iliana holds a MSW from Boston University School of Social Work, where she focused on macro practice social work in organizing communities and systems of care for the advancement of poc. She works as a community organizer
in the Greater Boston area.

¡Que viva la mujer!


Born in Pingtung, Taiwan, Mu-Chieh Yun immigrated to the United States at seven years old with her family. At a young age, Mu recognized that with the constant teasing of her food, her almond-shaped eyes, and her non-standard American name, society has rendered her intelligible solely based on outward appearances. Unwilling to settle with a reduced identity, Mu felt compelled to rectify the narrative ascribed to her and other women who are more than meets the eye. In 2015, she co-founded We, Ceremony with her childhood friend, Iliana Panameño. Through collected stories, We, Ceremony offers WOC ownership to their narratives.

Mu is an alumna of New York University where she studied art history
and social & cultural analysis. She works at a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women.