Game-changing women


New York, New York

KJ Miller & Amanda E. Johnson

KJ and Amanda are the visionaries behind the upscale beauty line for women of color, Mented. Short for pigmented, Mented celebrates the beauty of diversity, while ensuring "every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty."  

Somerville, Massachusetts

Paloma Valenzuela

Paloma Valenzuela is the founder of La Gringa Loca Productions, a multimedia production company based in the Dominican Republic and the United States. Under La Gringa Loca Productions, Paloma created the hit Youtube series, The Pineapple Diaries


Bronx, New York

naiomy guerrero

Naiomy Guerrero is the founder of, a blog that disrupts the monolithic and exclusive art industry by highlighting contemporary, poc artists and events.


Jasmine Kelley

Jasmine Kelley is the creator of Onya’e Naturals, a safe, non-toxic, 100% natural skincare and candle line based out of Portland, Oregon. Jasmine is passionate about graphic design, photography, learning to make sustainable products, and finding a good cup o' joe.

washington, d.c.

Amanda Nguyen

Amanda Nguyen is the founder of Rise, a national civil rights nonprofit working with multiple state legislatures and the U.S. Congress to implement a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights. Rise and Amanda’s mission combat rape culture and the ineffectual legal system that perpetuates it. 


canada & india

NorBlack NorWhite

Amrit and Mriga are the designers of the global brand, NorBlack NorWhite. Their label blurs gender lines, pays tribute to ancient Indian artisan practices, and celebrates the vibrant colors of their blended identities.


Chama Mechtaly 

Chama Mechtaly is an activist for the indigenous people of North-Africa and a visual artist who is passionate about the intersection of arts and politics.

lincoln, nebraska

Shams al-badry

Shams Al-Brady is a social justice activist and a former educator who pushes for educational equity and reform. Loves brunch, Tupac, politics and traveling. 


Sonia erika

Sonia Erika is an undocumented artist and co-founder of Cannabis Cultural Association


New york,
new york

A korean girl eats 

Diane Sooyeon Kang is the creator of A Korean Girl Eats, Masterchef Korea 4 Finalist, contributor to NBC, and food & beverage PR extraordinaire. 

new york,
new york

Sonic feminista

Mai is the founder of Sonic Feminista, a platform showcasing the works of different feminists of color who are active in their communities.


Kendra Hicks 

Kendra is a community organizer in Boston and the founder of Yo No Me Peino, an upcoming lifestyle blog at the intersection of blackness, latinidad, and the divine feminine. 

Los angeles,


Bethany Yellowtail is the designer of B.YELLOWTAIL, a women's accessories and apparel line that pays homage to Native culture and traditions.


new york, new york

sonia guiñansaca

Sonia is a pioneer in the undocumented migrant artistic and political communities. She uses various media to promote cultural equity for migrant, queer, trans artists of color.  


alleb asor

Isabella is the creative mind behind the contemporary brand Alleb Asor, a one stop shop for young women in their 20s, as well as women in their 40s.

san francisco, california

flor khan

Flor is an artist and community educator who creates empowering workshops for female youth who are currently incarcerated. 


san francisco, california

awara adeagbo

Awara is a startup guru in Silicon Valley who seeks to form a community among people of color in the tech industry.

london, united kingdom


Sara and Jean is the dynamic duo behind Prêtàmuse, a platform dedicated to the exposure of emerging talent, with a focus towards a conscious creative industry.