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Sara Ngwenya & Jean Ardhita Muis

Meet Sara Ngwenya and Jean Ardhita Muis, founders of PrêtàMuse, a creative outlet that shares and communicates a carefully selected array of topics--from their personal style, respective interests, to their journey as university students in the U.K.

How does your identity translate through the way that you dress?

S: I am a very detail orientated, straight to the point kind of person and I'd like to think the way I dress much reflects in one way or the other. I prefer to have a minimal, clean approach when I dress. Only what is necessary, no frilly extras.

J: Generally, I am a very easy-going person. I like to try new things, but I am also very grounded and seek for my own comfort. So the way I dress sometimes reflect on effortless comfort as well as what's appropriate for any occasion.

If there is one thing you could change about the world, what would it be and why?

S: Cliche but, wouldn't it be nice if everyone treated one another with a little more respect, kindness and consideration. Sometimes I feel like kindness is simply out of style and most people are not the slightest bit interested. This applies not only to us humans, but extends to the way we treat everything around us, our environment, the animals. its pretty shameful and I just think, if everyone could adopt a little piece of kindness and respect towards the people things and world around them, would't it be nice.

J: So that human will not be as judgmental as it is because life is so much better if everyone accepts everyone for who they are -peaceful and happy. 

What is one thing you would like to share with others about your culture?

S: I am British Zambian, so taking from both sides, there's a fair amount to share. I'd love the share the tenacity that is deep rooted in Zambian culture and the sense of togetherness and acceptance that can found among the people. From my British side I'd have to have fashion somewhere at the top of the list (hahah) I might be stating what is already common knowledge but I feel British fashion has harnessed that very "quintessentially British" style  incredible well. They have created an image were you could look at someone anywhere in the world be like oh yeah, thats a Brit! Because, Burberry, Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood, etc., etc.

J: I am originally from Indonesia, but I am currently living in in the U.K. What I love about my culture is the food; our country has different tribes with different cuisines.

How would you introduce yourself in the context of We, Ceremony?

S: As a woman of colour myself, I feel this idea and ideal of empowering other WoC is something that is very much intrinsic in everything I do. In my line of work (creative direction) my partner and I ( she too, being a WoC) are required to communicate visually, and more often than none we are creating content that is destined for a ""Fashion Conscious"" audience, now this an industry were the argument over the treatment of PoC and the way they are valued is one that rises more than it should, but none the less it does because the industry fails to accommodate diversity. We try to empower WoC by challenging our industry's status quo and we do so by making sure we cast a diverse range of models for every project we work on, a strong focus on WoC, but without any exclusion, It is not something we initially set up to do when branding ourselves but it is something we find ourselves doing, as it feels only decorous.

J: I am Indonesian and there are not much Indonesian in the world of art and design in the UK. I want to introduce my self as someone who is compatible to do such creativity and to introduce the world about my culture. Working with Sarah as PrêtàMuse, I never thought of it in a way that it is about combining two different culture, we are just click somehow as well as we both have different perspective in terms of design and we love to combine it. In a way, it is indirectly combining our cultures but we just never thought of it that way. I love your brand We, Ceremony as well; it is about making awareness about us people of colour that we are different, but never meant that it's bad, it is about acceptance; what's different and embrace it.

PrêtàMuse x Hattie & Hugh (beauty e-commerce) and Habit Cosmetics. Models: Momoka Gomi, Annalise Peters, and Trishna Daswaney. Photographer: Julia Zolotova. MUA: Trishna Daswaney.


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