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Diversity panel hosted by We, Ceremony



CreativeMornings Boston Speaker Series: Equality

This talk will focus on the personal narratives of Iliana and Mu, as women of color from El Salvador and Taiwan, respectively, and how storytelling can be used as a tool for healing and validation, while empowering communities and uplifting voices rarely heard from, but urgently needed.


Gallery Talk: Women of Color Empowerment

We, Ceremony is proud to present our first Gallery Talk. Join us on Thursday, May 12th for an evening filled with real stories from women of color. We will be exhibiting photographs of past features followed by a panel discussion led by influential women of color. 

The topic of our Gallery Talk is storytelling. We want to strengthen our community of women of color by learning about our unique, yet often shared experiences and celebrate the multiple identities within our demographic. Through this conversation, we aim to inspire and mobilize our guests to take actionable steps (big or small) to combat racism, gender inequality, and sexual orientation discrimination as it relates to their individual lives.