Meet M, an undocumented artist, healer, and full-spectrum doula. M was born in Ecuador and currently lives in Brooklyn. M opens up to us about what home means to them and what it means to live authentically in their truth.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is M and my pronouns are they/them. I am an undocumented artist, healer and full-spectrum doula. I was born in Ecuador and currently live in Brooklyn. I spend a lot of time w my dog, cat and plants! I like to read, dance (mostly en mi sala tho ) and nap in my free time. . 

2. How do you define home and when do you feel most at home?

For me, my body is home and I feel the most at home when I am unapologetically living my truth. This is heightened when I’m surrounded by community, making art, or dreaming about the future. Being undocumented means I have to cherish the moments I feel connected to a future. Sometimes, when things are so uncertain, it’s hard to envision what’s next. I feel at home when I can challenge that and remind myself that I am resilient and hold the capacity to make my dreams come true. that light within, that’s my home.

3. Community is a part of the fabric of who we are as POC. It’s our strength and it’s what gets us by. How do you build community?

I build community through my art, birth work, and organizing. I’ve met a lot of really beautiful people who are now my chosen family and the folks who uplift me, love me, and hold me. Making art has also helped me connect with folks who have a similar intersection of identities as me. It has helped me meet other queer and undocumented artists and organizers that made me feel less alone and have helped me connect to my roots/identities. 

4. What can we do to ensure we feel safe in our communities, identities, and cultures?

For me ensuring safety in our communities, identities, and cultures comes with remembering that we are all growing and learning. Part of our existence has been so connected to violence and trauma that we have to hold ourselves with gentleness and remember that we are all unlearning the oppressive dynamics that contribute to our pain. 

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