Meet Amina Shaw-Moss, a Visual Arts Psychotherapist who currently works with women of color who are dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, personal relationships, and/or career challenges. Amina is also an abstract digital artist whose work has been featured in shows throughout Boston and New York.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Amina Shaw-Moss LCAT-LP and I have been studying Visual Art Psychotherapy for seven years and practicing for three. At my core, I am an artist which helps influence my therapeutic approach. As a child, I was involved with several creative activities. Whether dancing, singing or painting, I found solace in the process of self-expression. I discovered art therapy in college and it helped me address my own personal trauma in 2012. Now that I am trained as a psychotherapist, I provide that same supportive space for clients to begin/continue their healing process. Currently, my clients are women of color between the ages of 22 and 37 who live in the Brooklyn area. I help those working through depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult family dynamics and other life challenges.

2. What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

I take the time to evaluate how certain relationships impact my life. I'm a strong believer in communicating your needs with others and trying to be sensitive to what other people are asking of you. If I feel that the relationship has become one-sided or inconsistent (after I've communicated my needs), then I've learned to love or work with people from a distance. Relationships should help enrich your life, not cause pain or confusion. Don't get me wrong, all relationships require patience, effective communication and give/take, but If I find that I'm doing the majority of the work, perhaps the relationship isn't for me (professionally or personally). Overtime, I have learned to value myself and set healthy boundaries. 

3. What does your self-care routine look like?

Self-care should be simple and effective. I'm a strong advocate for boring self-care. My routine starts with making my favorite coffee or tea in the morning and giving myself enough time for a nice long shower (when needed). Self-care is really about doing things that give you peace. Implementing activities that maintain your mind and body, including: brushing your teeth, drinking plenty of water, meditation, listening to your favorite podcast, going for a walk and noticing nature, eating healthy/tasty things, going to therapy, not answering that text right away etc. Yes, it's nice to get a manicure but that won't help maintain you in the long run, indulging yourself is very different from self-care. 

4. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

If you are in the Brooklyn area and would like to schedule an appointment, call

Water and Stone Creative Art Therapy PLLC: 914.341.2063 

 My social media handles: 
Instagram: ThirdHandHealing 
Twitter: @ashawmoss (ThirdHandHealing)
Facebook Business page: Amina Shaw-Moss

 My Contacts: 

Business cell: 516.778.6791