Evelyn Barahona

Meet Evelyn Barahona, a leader in Massachusetts who is deeply committed to helping her community live authentically and with dignity. Learn more about Evelyn, her charitable work, and how she encourages people to live their truth.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

I am very passionate about working with others in leading a successful life from the inside out versus focusing on the external to feel validated. This requires understanding the importance of self-awareness, and how every time we connect truthfully of who we are from a place of compassion both the good and perhaps the not so good, it sets us up to better connect with others, our goals and dreams more successfully than any professional playbook because it's based on your truth. As such, I advise professionals (one on one and groups) on how to navigate those internal roadmaps so that the external can be achieved with more alignment through my own company, Ev-olving. I also work in philanthropy and manage a fund focused on the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico as well as relocation for those who left the island to create a new life in Massachusetts after Hurricane Maria.

I am very passionate about activating the Latinx community in Massachusetts to see itself as a force of good and view their cultural being as an asset not what has been portrayed in the media and political landscape. Some of my hobbies include eating well and healthy, yoga, meditation and being out in nature. .

2. How do you celebrate your culture/honor the aspect you are most proud of?

I celebrate my culture by never hiding it. This includes speaking Spanish when I can, loving that I come from a background that loves a sense of community which is expressive, openly loving, and fun. I love dancing, being expressive and bright colors. Long gone are the days where I felt assimilating was a zero-sum game; for me, it's about integration and seeing my sense of culture as an asset.