Letticia Rivera shares with us how she’s showing up in 2019 and what loving herself unapologetically looks like.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Letticia Rivera. I love to read, write poetry, and watch movies. I’m a Medical Assistant.  I love myself unapologetically by striving to utilize my full potential. Even if I’m scared of change, it’s better to try than not have tried at all and have not given myself a chance to see how far I can go.  The thing I love most about myself is staying who I am no matter what life brings my way and keeping a positive outlook of situations. Life throws us curve balls; it’s up to us on how to handle it when it comes.  I’ve taken ownership by finding my talent and using it to my advantage of becoming my own boss. I’m working on creating a brand selling homemade products like soaps, body sugar scrubs, as well as bath salts, plus there’s more to come. I have a Facebook page that people can follow me on. It’s fb.me/delightfulcreationsmade.