Sydney Chin

Meet Sydney, a senior at Emerson College whose work aims to empower people of color through media and meaningful representation. Reflecting on her identity as a 3rd generation Chinese American woman, Sydney shares with us how she is unlearning Eurocentric beauty standards

1. What Eurocentric beauty standards are you still unlearning today?

I'm still unlearning to strive for blonde hair as I grew up in Suburbia, where I wanted blue eyes and blonde hair for so long. Since I was 13, I've been highlighting and dyeing my hair on and off to become more like a blonde. Though when I went to college, I stopped and started using my hair as a canvas for colors like pink, green, and purple. Now I try to use it as a means of expression, though I still struggle with the yearning to be blonde from time to time.

2. How do you embrace your beauty and Asian identity?

I now use my hair as a canvas to have fun with rather than trying to strive towards whiteness. I'm highlighting my hair purple before I study abroad in Hong Kong. Also, I love Chinese dishes with own twists as a way to embrace my heritage.

3. What would you say to your younger self about beauty?

Beauty isn't always about the outer, but rather the whole person. Corny as it is, it's about what is on the inside that matters.