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Content Creator & Recipe Developer 

Diane Sooyeon Kang

Meet Diane, founder of the hip Youtube cooking channel, A Korean Girl Eats! Giving us one taste at a time, Diane shares with her followers the diversity within Korean cuisine. As a woman of color, she strives to create a stronger sense of community while building meaningful relationships between those around her.

How does your identity translate through the way you dress?

I tend to dress with more muted colors, very simple, not too flashy. I think it perfectly encapsulates my personality since I'm not flashy in the least, and value comfort very highly!

If there is one thing you could change about the world, what would it be and why?

I would want people to focus on contributing to the world. I feel like too many people in the world are self-centered and value being more successful than others rather than focusing on being successful together. When I lived in New York, I knew a lot of people that would stab you in the back to get ahead which made me sad. If people worked collaboratively rather than competitively, I feel like society could be so much more progressive.

What is one thing you would like to share with others about your culture?

I am a super proud Korean-American. I am proud of everything Korea has accomplished from technology to fashion, but the thing I'm most passionate about is food. It blows my mind that since I was an elementary student to now, kimchi has transformed from a food that people would stick their nose up at to something they attempt to make themselves! It makes me so happy and proud. I seriously cannot wait to see where Korea stands in 10 years. I actually started my food project as a way to promote and educate people about Korean culture so Korea could continue to not only grow, but thrive. 

How would you introduce yourself in the context of We, Ceremony?

As a minority, I feel as though all minorities share a sense of community. We understand what it feels like to be discriminated against, consistently face microaggressions, and have witnessed fetishizations of the color we represent. Because of this, we know we have to stand together and be strong, empowering and encouraging one another to stand up and move forward.

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