Isabella Brandao


Isabella Brandao

Meet Boston-based designer Isabella of Alleb Asor. By taking on an intrinsic approach, Isabella seeks to empower women by connecting them with one another. Inspired by the women in her family, particularly her mother and the bond they share, Isabella materializes this matriarchal relationship in her designs. The thread that connects the collection embodies the unique relationship between a mother and a daughter. Alleb Asor reminds women that we are all cut from the same cloth and we can wear it proudly as a badge of honor, spun with our own individuality. 

How does your identity translate through the way you dress?

Being a Cape Verdean woman from the city, I was raised to always respect myself especially when I get dressed. The women in my family are always dressed in a clean manner and usually cover up pretty well. I've never been a fan of showing too much of any of my assets on my body. I feel like a lot of that comes from the women that raised me. You know what you have, but sometimes its good not to share it with the world. Also, being a business women I feel as though you should represent yourself in a professional and respectful manner. Lastly, I am big on personal/individual style so I make sure I 'go with the flow' when I get dressed cause it's just a part of my personality.    

If there is one thing you could change about the world, what would it be and why?

Other than ending violence and wars in this world, I would love to provide something to people to help them realize their true potential in this world. I feel as though what is stopping a lot of people to do what they truly would like in this world is themselves. 

What is one thing you'd like to share with others about your culture?

I love that my culture is big on family and spending time together. If you know Cape Verdeans, you know that we have a million and one cousins which serves its purpose. As a family, we do a lot of activities and celebrations together. I've learned a lot just from being around my family and having to accept them for who they are. 

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Photographs courtesy of Alleb Asor.